Van Gogh. Immersive dreams


Van Gogh. Immersive dreams

‘Van Gogh. Immersive dreams’. The exhibition concept is created between visual art, educational experience and projection and holographic games.

The exhibition develops into several experiences: in the historical introduction there is a holographic projection of Van Gogh which will welcome visitors, telling the story of his life. An unprecedented experience not present in any other exhibition of this type! Very engaging for children, but also for a mature audience.
‘Van Gogh. Immersive Dreams’. it is an exciting show that manages to involve a large audience, from young people to children and families, but at the same time also a more demanding and expert audience, where it becomes essential to let go and be carried away by the work of Van Gogh, to remain enchanted in front of the representation of his paintings staged in a multisensory experience that transforms the space into a fascinating and engaging visual story.

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