Leonardo da Vinci -The Genius


Leonardo da Vinci -The Genius

‘Leonardo da Vinci’ The Genius, the immersive exhibition, the greatest event ever produced on Leonardo da Vinci.

This captivating exhibition uses state-of-the-art technology to tell the story of the Genius: his life, his discoveries and his superb works of art as they have never been seen before.
A combination of holograms, digital paintings, virtual reality and full immersion.
Lights, images, sounds and colours. Amazement and wonder!
A journey over 500 years long, a bridge between the past and the future where visitors – adults, kids and teens alike – are thrust headling into the astonishing mind of Leonardo the genius!
Developed by Art Media Studio, the award-winning Italian studio that also curated the show’sartistic production.
The brief was to create a multi-sensory event for the whole family, a story told using aninnovative language to take visitors on a journey of exploration into the very heart of Leonardo’s incredible world, recounting the sweeping complexity of the Renaissance master’s unparalleled genius.
multi-projection system that produces an absolutely astonishing visual impact.
‘Da Vinci, the Genius’. An exhibition not to be missed which enables visitors to explore the extraordinary mind of Leonardo, from the past to the future through memory and technology; an absolutely unique experience.

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